• (iOS) Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! cheat code infinite keys

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    Good game but I don't have 20$ a month to spare if the game owner could lower the price that would be nice

    Every time I play it lags soooo much!!!

    It was not that good the music was cover because i put faded on and it was not the real person singing it it was this rly high pitched thing and honestly it was hurting my ears the quality of the game if it had no song would be ok but i didnt want to be playing while this none real high pitched song is in the background they are kind of trolling us though because in the advert it had the real producer's singing it but when i put faded on it wasnt the real producer! But without the music it is ok

    Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! Music aoae

    The reason I put "not sure" for all my answers is because, I'm REALLY not sure. The game wouldn't install even after 2 tries. And it took forever to even get close to downloading, plus I think after 2 tries (with internet on.) That it should work! 1 star. But if I could put 0 stars I would, cause I didn't even get to play it. Idk if my review is helpful or not cause everyone seemed to get on but, yeah. If anyone else can't get on, sorry its very disappointing ):

    There are so many ads!!!! That's not all the bad things with this game cause I can also include that you've to watch an ad everytime you wanna unblock another level but once you've unblock it, you have to download the level. I'm definitely going to uninstall the app. Pd. I really hope you work on those issues. This game would be great, just make it possible.

    Ummm... Ads for everything And the media wont even play went into my settings nothing there and went on game settings .... Was not working

    Absolutely too much fun I would do as far to say as addictive I highly suggest you download the app

    O I do not have a stone ok I do add than the end you can call the call of anglla you not to come in and see what she's say about that but I don't want the 20 I don't think it's worth it is not working and I do add it make me go to school ok I don't know what she's saying that but it was just get the electristy you not to be there by the end I do see what happens with the phone I do see what happens I do see that one

    Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! Music nkl

    I like this but there's still some songs that I like that's not in the game, but it's also a good game I like the songs, but also difficult sometimes to lol

    I love it but it has to many ads

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